Flooring – Hallway

When you are looking for a type of flooring for somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic you want something durable but you also want it to look good. Hallways must have both of these qualities as it is one of the first things that people see when they come into your house and most people will walk across them.

The best type of flooring that most people would recommend is vinyl, vinyl is great because it is very customisable and you can make it suited perfectly for your house, therefore, giving a great impression to guests when they first walk in. Vinyl is also very easy to clean thanks to it’s very flat and smooth nature, just a couple of wipes will do the job rather than taking a lot of time scrubbing clean a carpet after someone forgets to take their shoes off.

Many people would also recommend wood to have as a hallway, similarly to vinyl it is very smooth, appealing and it will last for a long time which makes it ideal for a hallway. Due to small little cracks, it is slightly hard to clean but still easier than other alternatives. Lastly, you must do some ongoing maintenance to keep the wood looking good, however, it is not too much and you do not have to do it that often, therefore, making it a good choice to have as a hallway.

Both vinyl and wood make very good hallways, though vinyl’s material properties do outrank those of wood, however wood is cheaper. Vinyl ticks all the boxes for exactly what you need when putting flooring into a hallway and that is why it is the most highly rated type of flooring for hallways.