I recently had some double glazing companies around my house. Yes I actually contacted three firms and asked to make an appointment for them to visit me and give me a quote. The idea of living in my home through yet another winter with no double glazing galvanized me into this drastic action.

As luck would have it, they were all personable and none of them gave the hard sell. What I felt though, at the end of the process was a distinct feeling of dissatisfaction. On particular question from me it seemed I sent each one of these double glazing representatives into a flap. What options do you have to individualize my front door? None of them had any options to show me. Is an individualized front door question that surprising?

What I wanted was the option to incorporate the old with the new, and create my own style. My question was whether it would be possible to incorporate lead lighting within the design of the front door. Leadlighting evolved to meet the practicalities of domestic architecture.

Large sheets of glass were not available for many centuries. This limitation resulted in all medieval dwellings being built with small windows. Front doors would always be made of solid hard wood. If the family was relatively affluent they may have been able to afford broad glass. This early glass is 1.5 to 2 mm thick and uneven. Coupled with the irregularity the glass also contained scars, blemishes and greenish tints where it had been flattened out by the glass making process.